Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why I love New York - the short list

Yes, we're talking the real skyr.is kind of Icelandic yogurt. None of this home-made type of stuff made by Siggi. In the words of my sister-in-law who tried it for the first time, "This is what yogurt was meant to be."

When my family and I traveled Italy we had gelato every day in every city we went to. Unanimously we agreed that Grom was the best place among all the places we tried. My brother and I about died when we saw that beautiful blue and white sign close to Central Park. We had just eaten, but you always have room for this gelato. On my last day in the city I stopped by Grom again to try their hot chocolate. After a long day of walking, sitting outside the shop at dusk sipping on their hot chocolate was one of the highlights of my trip. Their hot chocolate is not just a drink. It's pure chocolaty awesomeness melted into drink form.
Carnegie Deli
Think this picture is an exaggeration? Well it isn't. That's pastrami with a little bit of bread for convention's sake. A little pricey after a wait (there's always a line to get in), but worth every penny! Not only is it huge and delicious, but it's one of the few things in this world that is equally good coming back up as it is going down. And, yes since it is so huge it is incredible the next day in case you were worried.

The Subway
There's something wonderful about Sinatra, but listening to him in a sea of New Yorkers riding the trains is a magical experience. I get excited just thinking about it. Also, the free shows you get while riding the train are quite entertaining sometimes. I watched these kids break dancing in the middle of a narrow and slightly crowded subway train and was impressed.

Iceland Proximity
There were adds everywhere saying that Iceland is only a 5 hour plane ride away. If this were the only plus about New York, it would be good enough for me. And yes, this picture is truly what Iceland looks like in the summer.

Central Park
How cool is it to have a beautiful park in the middle of a busy metropolis? I'm all about it. It's a great place to walk, run, have a picnic (which we did), or whatever. There's always great people-watching opportunities because though it's huge you are surrounded by people wherever you go. Also, one thing I hadn't realized about New York was that there are parks all over the place.

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